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Easy Water Infusions That Keep You Hydrated

Posted on 25 May 2017

Want an insta-worthy insta-hydrating water bottle? Make one of these easy water infusions at home!

It’s summer and as much as we didn’t like the cold the heat is just as hard to get through! Make sure you’re staying hydrated with one of these cool DIY water infusions. Just pick a fruit from your fridge, add it to cold water, and enjoy throughout the day.


Cinnamon and Apple Infused Water

Cinnamon and Apple infused water

It’s basically apple cider without all the crazy amounts of sugar. Add some freshly sliced apples and a couple sticks of cinnamon into your water, and you’ll have a refreshing water infusion that’s also good for your health! All the benefits of apple cider without the added sugars.


Cucumber and Lime Infused Water

Cucumber and Lime DIY Infused Water

Keep it in the palette for your palate! Add the most hydrating vegetable to more hydration and you’ll get the ultimate water. Add thinly sliced cucumbers and limes to your water and you’ll have an instantly delicious drink. A few sprigs of mint also never hurt so pop that in there for an extra layer of flavor.


Starfruit and Strawberries Infused Water

Starfruit and Strawberries Infused Water

Starfruit is a naturally beautiful fruit and a few slices will look gorgeous in a water bottle. Make sure to find a bottle big enough to hold them! Better yet, put it in a water dispenser in your home so that it looks good all day long and you get a larger supply of infused water.


Blueberry and Lavender Infused Water

Blueberry and Lavender Infused Water

Frozen blueberries work best when it comes to infusing your water. Throw in a few blueberries, and a couple pinches of lavender and you’ll have a cocktail worthy infused drink.


Mango, Lime, Basil and Blackberries Infused Water

Mango Lime Basil and Blackberries Infused Water

This is a drink straight from a tropical garden. Add in slices of mango, a few slices of lime, some basil leaves and for added sweet tartness, a handful of blackberries. Stir and enjoy.


Rose Infused Water

Rose Infused Water

Important: Only use 100% organic roses free of pesticides!!! Or buy store bought roses that are made for cooking. This is the perfect drink to remind yourself how perfect you are~


Clementine Infused Water

Clementine DIY Infused Water

This one is easy, peel some oranges and throw in the slices for a sweet summer drink. Add in the peels for decoration.

Show us how you infuse your waters, tag us in your posts, or share in the comments below!

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